• star wars legoIntroducing Children to the Dark Side
    Back in my day it was star wars OR lego. or star wars WITH lego! she hasn’t seen the movies. he’s seen the ‘making of’ 🙂 dad: make sure you put those pieces together very carefully. don’t use FORCE 5yo: good one, dad
  • gaming roblox for unschoolIt’s all about Roblox at the moment
    So what do you do if your kid discovers computer games and watches computer game videos on youtube? You fit as much education into that as possible!
  • learn and play in the snowIt’s Been Super Cold. Out to the Snow Pile!
    Sometimes the time it takes you to get the kids dressed up and undressed is longer than the time you were outside playing. Here are some great ways to maximize their enjoyment while being exposed to some pretty harsh conditions.
  • screen time for kidsDad, Come See My Swidda!! Introduction to Computers
    I'm so glad we found the game called, a browser-based game that has helped our three year old start to figure out how to control a computer. I wasn't trying to find a way to 'teach her computers' yet; that's just what happened. She saw her brother doing it...and well...that's all she needed.
  • lego homeschool unschoolMaking Changes For Fun: Skyscraper Destruction
    It turns out the kids LOVE Lego skyscrapers. They play together, (or alone) for hours. They follow common sense Lego rules like if one kid builds and 'claims' something, the other kid can play with but not modify or break it. Or not to worry about things falling apart on their watch if they were trying to rebuild something, but to not break something 'just because'
  • alone in the woodsWhen One Kid Is Done Exploring and One Isn’t
    So clearly I couldn't leave one kid on the bench on the bike path and continue on another adventure trail into the woods with the other one. So what's a dad to do? There's a whole bunch of sticks to slow him down...send him into the woods (which you know look a whole lot bigger to him) This was an exciting opportunity for me to just send him off to be alone on his own. (I could always hear him and could see him from time to time) But if you look in the video, you can see
  • unicycle stroller down a parking garageBetter Than Travelling Around In A Rollercoaster? A Roof After Being On It.
    When pushing your kid in a unicycle stroller is commonplace; even up & down 6 levels of a parking garage This parking garage has a special place in our hearts. One of the landmarks we pass on our trips to grammas, it was one of the first examples I stumbled across of 'introducing excitement' to kids and how easy it is. Wow! You know what that is??? A PARKING GARAGE!! Week after week, looking for the parking garage, and staring at/studying it as we passed, it just became 'our thing'.
  • Fun Ways To Educate? Use the Force. Always.
    We knew she was 'officially pregnant' when she cried her eyes out seeing little Anakin leaving his mom in the desert...again...seriously, we had seen this several times already...) Star Wars has always been a big part of my life (well, only if you include making a Star Wars reference whenever possible and owning and wearing too often an adult sized Star Wars costume) but the kids hadn't really shown too much more than any of the other things they are in to - from every comic book hero to anything that's in a 'Flying Bag' (blind bag)...or anything that they have seen on youtube.
  • MedusasA Week of Unschooling : Episode 1 – Mythology, Health & Fitness, Physics, Writing, and Biology
    In our introductory weekly episode, the three and five year old visited a skatepark, play-drew Greek Mythology, and they experienced a variety of cutting tools that so far only dad and mom have been using. There are many ways kids can learn but fun is always better. Let them play; when you've shown them how fun knowledge can be, what's stopping them?
  • syringes for science experimentsCan you stay back, dad? I’m going to do this.
    A perfect example of unschooling? I think so! The five year old was watching youtube. Interestingly enough, it wasn't about some lady opening toys! He asked if we could do a science experiment...but we needed a syringe and we didn't have that. I let him know Walmart probably had them, and I knew of the general area where they might be. "We need to ask someone if we don't know where something is," he reminded me.

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