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  • unschool-discoveringSame Place, Different Discoveries
    Our plan was to climb 'Big Hilly Climby' and go for a scooter ride through the forest - well, at least if I was making a lesson plan for the day, it would have only had those two bullet points.
  • Biggest Jump So FarUnschool Obstacles
    Do you know if your city has an indoor obstacle course or climbing-type place? I just happened to see a post in a facebook group...I would never have known about this little gem! CTC Obstacles is in London, Ontario. An old warehouse turned climbing/swinging/playing facility!
  • lego at unschoolUnschool Math Immersion
    The main lego pieces are bricks and plates. (the plates are one third the depth of bricks). "Hey, can you find this 2 by 3 plate? It's called a 2 by 3 because it's two rows of three. How many posts does it have?" "1,2,3,4,5,6!" "See how much faster I can count them because of how I am just adding groups of numbers? See how they are organized in rows and columns?"
  • skateboards and trick scootersHow Are Trick Scooters Put Together?
    It's funny. I never really pictured these trick scooters as valuable educational tools. Whoops, I think it's the most fun and exhilarating their education has been so far! So how do all these parts go together?
  • kids earmuffs hearing protectionPlay Now. Learn Later. Record Your Edventures.
    We went to their first airshow! The were super excited about the first few planes that flew over, the Super Hornet (only during an upside-down fly-by), and the snowbirds...mostly when they drew the heart in the sky.
  • medway skatepark bowl london ontarioI’m So Glad We Found Out About Skateparks! (for non-skateboarding kids)
    We've been to three different skate parks in our city so far. (London, Ontario) There looks to be siz or seven that we will be sure to check out. (they call Victoria Park one, but's mostly just some concrete blocks and broken glass) The kids just get there and play. Scooters, little bikes, and just running...we'll be back often. Whatever risks the kids are comfortable with (or are almost comfortable with) are right there. Have you heard about Parkour? (Where people jump from building to building and do crazy flips and things off of structures). Skateparks offer a great introduction to
  • unschooling at skateparks during school hoursAdvantage Unschool : Skate Parks During School Hours
    We didn't even come here to run, we came to scooter. I had to ask them if they were ready to put their gear on and ride yet..before they tired themselves out! During school hours, no one is there. Kids as young as brand new crawlers can have a blast here with so many slopes and angles and risk levels.
  • whiteboard for unschoolersUnschoolers : You Have Whiteboards, Right?
    The whiteboard has had many letter games, tic tac toe games, and all sorts of pictures set up for them in the morning (which caused me to search youtube for 'how to draw characters'. (I suck at it, but they don't realize it yet!). It has little dots on it in a grid pattern which have many advantages down the unschooling road for sure.
  • kids on a slacklineInstant Exercise with a Side of Science : Slacklining
    Slacklining allows a person to quickly and consistently experience and work against a range of stresses and forces that our bodies are fighting against all the time...without the advantage of the ground's stability! One of the reasons you don't really pay attention to all these forces throughout your day is because the ground you are walking on or the chair you are sitting in is stable. The ground is pushing up on the chair with the same force you are pushing down on it...but on a slackline, what you are pushing down against is flexible. And wobbly.
  • common green bottle flyWhy Is It Called a Blow Fly and how does it eat?
    A few more fly facts: With an incredible sense of smell, blow flies can smell their food over a mile away and their eggs play a crucial role in helping crime scene investigators determine time of death.

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