Play. Research. Repeat. It’s literally that easy.



  • unicycle stroller down a parking garageBetter Than Travelling Around In A Rollercoaster? A Roof After Being On It.
    When pushing your kid in a unicycle stroller is commonplace; even up & down 6 levels of a parking garage This parking garage has a special place in our hearts. One of the landmarks we pass on our trips to grammas, it was one of the first examples I stumbled across of 'introducing excitement' to kids and how easy it is. Wow! You know what that is??? A PARKING GARAGE!! Week after week, looking for the parking garage, and staring at/studying it as we passed, it just became 'our thing'.
  • Fun Ways To Educate? Use the Force. Always.
    We knew she was 'officially pregnant' when she cried her eyes out seeing little Anakin leaving his mom in the desert...again...seriously, we had seen this several times already...) Star Wars has always been a big part of my life (well, only if you include making a Star Wars reference whenever possible and owning and wearing too often an adult sized Star Wars costume) but the kids hadn't really shown too much more than any of the other things they are in to - from every comic book hero to anything that's in a 'Flying Bag' (blind bag)...or anything that they have seen on youtube.
  • MedusasA Week of Unschooling : Episode 1 – Mythology, Health & Fitness, Physics, Writing, and Biology
    In our introductory weekly episode, the three and five year old visited a skatepark, play-drew Greek Mythology, and they experienced a variety of cutting tools that so far only dad and mom have been using. There are many ways kids can learn but fun is always better. Let them play; when you've shown them how fun knowledge can be, what's stopping them?
  • syringes for science experimentsCan you stay back, dad? I’m going to do this.
    A perfect example of unschooling? I think so! The five year old was watching youtube. Interestingly enough, it wasn't about some lady opening toys! He asked if we could do a science experiment...but we needed a syringe and we didn't have that. I let him know Walmart probably had them, and I knew of the general area where they might be. "We need to ask someone if we don't know where something is," he reminded me.
  • unschool-discoveringSame Place, Different Discoveries
    Our plan was to climb 'Big Hilly Climby' and go for a scooter ride through the forest - well, at least if I was making a lesson plan for the day, it would have only had those two bullet points.
  • Biggest Jump So FarUnschool Obstacles
    Do you know if your city has an indoor obstacle course or climbing-type place? I just happened to see a post in a facebook group...I would never have known about this little gem! CTC Obstacles is in London, Ontario. An old warehouse turned climbing/swinging/playing facility!
  • lego at unschoolUnschool Math Immersion
    The main lego pieces are bricks and plates. (the plates are one third the depth of bricks). "Hey, can you find this 2 by 3 plate? It's called a 2 by 3 because it's two rows of three. How many posts does it have?" "1,2,3,4,5,6!" "See how much faster I can count them because of how I am just adding groups of numbers? See how they are organized in rows and columns?"
  • skateboards and trick scootersHow Are Trick Scooters Put Together?
    It's funny. I never really pictured these trick scooters as valuable educational tools. Whoops, I think it's the most fun and exhilarating their education has been so far! So how do all these parts go together?
  • kids earmuffs hearing protectionPlay Now. Learn Later. Record Your Edventures.
    We went to their first airshow! The were super excited about the first few planes that flew over, the Super Hornet (only during an upside-down fly-by), and the snowbirds...mostly when they drew the heart in the sky.
  • medway skatepark bowl london ontarioI’m So Glad We Found Out About Skateparks! (for non-skateboarding kids)
    We've been to three different skate parks in our city so far. (London, Ontario) There looks to be siz or seven that we will be sure to check out. (they call Victoria Park one, but's mostly just some concrete blocks and broken glass) The kids just get there and play. Scooters, little bikes, and just running...we'll be back often. Whatever risks the kids are comfortable with (or are almost comfortable with) are right there. Have you heard about Parkour? (Where people jump from building to building and do crazy flips and things off of structures). Skateparks offer a great introduction to

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