City & Urban

Cities provide countless opportunities for education

Sure cities have libraries, book stores, and recreation facilities, but there’s even more.

Walking down the sidewalk we came to a section that had been removed. Instead of just walking around it, we studied it. We could see a cutaway of the ground to see the later of grass, then mud. We saw the gravel and rocks underneath where the sidewalk was. We saw broken pieces of concrete.

How did that broken piece of concrete end up there?

How is concrete made? How did it get there? How do they have to prepare the ground? What construction trucks were involved? How do they work together? How did the concrete get torn up?
<h2<Now look 'over there'

Do you see a bridge? A traffic light? Skyscrapers? Parking Garages? A city bus to tour around on? (You can talk interact a lot more on a city bus than in a car!)