How Are Trick Scooters Put Together?

skateboards and trick scooters

It’s funny. I never really pictured these trick scooters as valuable educational tools. Whoops, I think it’s the most fun and exhilarating their education has been so far!
So how do all these parts go together?

Why Is It Called a Blow Fly and how does it eat?

common green bottle fly

A few more fly facts: With an incredible sense of smell, blow flies can smell their food over a mile away and their eggs play a crucial role in helping crime scene investigators determine time of death.

Val Salva Works Where WIFI Does Not

Valsalva maneuver

Do you remember swimming as deep as you could until your head hurt? Do you wish you could have gone deeper? Did you know it would have been as easy as ‘popping your ears‘? The Valsalva maneuver is the trick used to equalize pressure between your ears where you close your mouth, plug your nose, and […]

Gravitropism and Lion’s Tooth

dandelion research

I have to say, in creating this page, my travels took me to the medicinal and nutrional aspects of dandelions…OR the rubber making…I had no idea. I suppose we have a lot to try now!

Dragonfly Vs Damselfly: Odonata; Since The Triassic?

damselfly from the triassic

Bright blue flying stick bugs. Growing up, I just knew they weren’t dragonflies. But what are they? Odonata, my friends, Odonata. Why did I find out? I took a picture of one while out with the kids. They called it a dragonfly. I knew it wasn’t.

The King is Helpless and the Sneaky Priest

introducing chess to children

Is there a finer game suited to homeschooling than chess? Maybe. Maybe lots of them. This is about chess though.

You can introduce young kids to chess by researching how castles and kingdoms work. You can introduce things like the power of government and war to older kids more easily by calling on their knowledge of chess.

The Greatest Free, Screen-Free, Ad-Free Homeschool Brain Game!

Unschooled child enjoying a bus ride

When you are running errands, when your kids are sitting in the backseat of the car, when you are sitting on the bus, while you are riding bikes, or when you just seem to have nothing to talk about at the time. Try this fantastic silence-breaking brain-builder! When they know their letters, or even before!