real life roblox obby

A Week of Unschool : Real-Life Obbies, Electric Razor Scooter, Fires, & Climbing

We came for the pool noodle slices. We stayed for the real-life Obby. I brought them closer to the shop’s window so they could guess what they were using for window decorations. Moments later I was informed that I was dying. (on account of the lava I was standing in). It was all of a sudden a Roblox obby – ‘obby’ as in obstacle course. We had just come from Victoria Park where she was able to climb her biggest challenge yet. It took her eight tries! She wasn’t leaving until she made it to the top.

rozor e90 scooter - safe for kids

Eight? I think you mean five, electric scooter!

Our adventures just got easier for me to push with the addition of an electric scooter for the five year old, and it’s as exciting as you think it is! The scooter (Razor E90) says it’s for 8+ year olds, but the 5yo has no problem with speed control or steering…it’s not something that could ‘get away from him’ and send him electric scootering off into the distance…but it did take him a few rides to really ‘figure out’ the power (thumb button to engage or disengage motor), the hand brake, and riding position (he didn’t know what to do with a leg that was previously used for kicking – like a driver getting his first automatic car and the extra leg he now has).

I had no problem with him riding the sidewalk home for a few kilometers after 10-15 mins of practice on a bike path. I was unicycling the stroller with his sister while he rode either behind me or in front of me so I was able to coach him on the go during that ride home.

What’s exciting to me is this gives him the ability to not only push his own weight on our adventures but to get experience at going ‘bike-speed’ and ‘grown-up bike distance’ before he learns to ride a bike…something he’s only talked about a few times. His sister wants to ride one though, that’s for sure.

Dad? Do you smell smoke?

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sparkler experiments

Each of you choose a piece of lego you don’t mind getting destroyed

With fires fresh on our minds, Victoria Day weekend brought sparklers. Sparklers brought experiments. The sparkler chain reaction and more excitingly, the sparkler lego melting! We used a red and a yellow 2×4 brick and set the sparklers on them. When I first told them to choose a piece of lego, he chose a lightsaber handle and she chose a $100 bill…each of which I told them they would probably want to keep.

setting up the slackline

Slacklining just got easier…to set up!

Our first slackline session of the season and it turns out I now have two extra hands to help me during set up and tear down! The time before and after slacklining can be called the ‘is it ready, is it ready?’ and the ‘can we do something else now?’ times. The shorter those are, the better. That time is now not only getting shorter but being transformed into ‘more current activity’ time as he is now part of the ‘work crew’. Slacklining and related concepts can now be discussed while chilling out afterwards just undoing the line together.

How was his slacklining so far this year? He stayed on the line for 2 seconds or so this time, so a noticeable (to both of us) improvement!


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