Fun Tracing Play: Oops, I Mean Schoolwork

When your four year old says, ‘Dad, can you make me another tracing picture?’ you know it was well worth the ten minutes to set it up the first time!

While the classic tracing surface is a window during the day time, it’s often dark outside when we are creative. And the kids are just learning how to write and draw, so a table type method is not only more comfortable, but it’s better suited for their tiny hands just learning proper wrist positions and whatnot.

I already had all the parts lying around to set this up, however, after searching online afterwards that there are lots of cheap DIY tracing table ideas. All ours is is a LED camera light under a glass cutting board held up by 16 DVDs.

The first try was the Mortal Kombat logo that I surprised the six year old with (which I found from a ‘how to draw mortal kombat logo’ google search). After seeing how fun they had together tracing up their own MK logo, I thought about how helpful this would be while learning to write (and read)!

The first try with letters had them pretty large – which actually made it harder for the kid to make neatly – so I will be making them smaller and smaller (and using words instead of just all the letters)

I will also add cursive letters in there because why not? Why have a debate about whether or not they should learn cursive instead of them just learning about it in the background!


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